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Love this series

I love this series and its just really good if u want the last one and all ones before it visit their site.

I liked it

Erm kardz do u realise that this was submitted here by a lodgers guy? anyway i liked it very nice work keep it up!

Thank god it wasnt more

interesting how 9/11 killed like 300 people but the war in iraq alot more per year are killed by insergents and terrorists....
why doesnt someone dedicate something to them? perhaps 9/11 was more shocking but so was the london bombings but less people died there so............
anyway nice job hope the families of those lost got help of some kind.

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Lieutentant commander, accuracy, cross eyed, die hard and moneybags!
And i STILL got killed in the end with all facilities gone
great game!

Very Nice

But i dunno if im the only one but the YMP cheat dont work i dont get a shottie or anything when i press it any1 know why? i just get windows bleeping, anyway nice job i really liked it keep up the good work! oh and make it so u can pick up nades.

Very nice!!!

I think this is really good but it does have some faults
I.E the lag
but the weapons are good and the gameplay is GREAT!!!
Keep it up! :D

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Doesnt sound like a cover

it sounds like the original tbh and i am very familiar with the song.

Metalcan responds:

I don't know what you mean by "doesn't sound like a cover". I'm playing someone else's song, that means it's a cover.

If you mean to say that I posted the original played by Joe, then all I can say is I have the Cubase project to prove I made it. Besides, the original is very different so maybe you should refresh your memory.


i heard about the frequency things before, its something to do with infrasound very nice job there my stomach felt wierd thru the whole thing.

Rig responds:

Lol, same. Strange, isn't it?

Very nice Guitar Riffs

How long you bin playing man? very nice!

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks! I've been playing for almost three years now.

i am frozen ninja, i am powerful, i am deadly and you are going to die very soon as we all will and what will happen who knows, who cares, just think and listen and enjoy it while you can...

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